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I have the honor to be sharing with you my first guest post on my blog! This article talks about the top 10 reasons why all writers should blog. I think it is very interesting, beneficial and informative.

Rachel Poli is a great writer and has written an article for me to feature on my blog. Please take some time to read and check out Rachel’s blog! Her contact information and all the places you can find her is at the bottom of this article.

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About Rachel

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel is a writer and blogger. She is currently running two blogs and writes just about everything. She mainly writes young adult and middle-grade novels along with children’s picture books, sprinkled in with the occasional short story and poem.

She is currently working on editing a couple of novels which she hopes to publish in 2018 and 2019.



Blogging is the new hit thing these days. They’re used for a variety of reasons and by many diverse people with different goals and ideas. Blogging can be used to promote or sell products as well as an advertisement for businesses and other services. It’s also a creative outlet for some and can be seen as an online journal of sorts that can help and inspire people.

Writers, in particular, are in that category. They have stories to tell, books to sell, and want to reach out to other writers and creators. Blogs are so useful to writers in more ways than I can count.

1. Community

I don’t know many people in real life who aim to write for a living. A lot of people think it’s cool, but they don’t realize the time commitment, the straining effort, and the true ups and downs of writing. Other writers do. Those other writers are on the internet through blogs.

If you have a blog about writing – fiction writing, nonfiction writing, your writing journey, or writing in general – other writers will find you. They’ll comment and give their two cents, you’ll check out their blogs, and you’ll become great friends. Before you know it, you have a community of writers are your fingertips to share stories with, bounce ideas off of each other, and to learn from one another.

2. Writing skills

If you want to be a writer, you need to be able to write well. Writing blog posts help you hone those writing skills in which you write, edit and proofread your posts. You’ll say what needs to be said and nothing more.

3. Marketing skills

How do people find your blog? You have to market and promote your posts. How do you do that? You read other blogs just like your own and you promote your posts through various social media.

Social media can be a learning curve, but if done right it can really help. You’ll learn the ins and outs of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so much more. Once you learn that, you’ll be able to market your books with no problem.

4. A Portfolio

Through your blog, you’ll build a portfolio of your work. It’ll take time, but you’ll have opportunities to guest post on other blogs and submit your writing elsewhere. A portfolio will show off all your hard work with a pristine shine to it and it will open up new things to explore.

5. New opportunities

Adding to the previous point, new opportunities will arise for you. For example, guest posting on other blogs, but also job opportunities. You may be able to start freelancing and write articles for other blogs or companies.

6. You’ll be held accountable and meet deadlines

Blogging can be a hobby for some people, but if you’re trying to make a name for yourself and put your work out there, it’s like a business, it’s like a job. One great way to gain a steady audience is having a posting schedule.

Sure, you can post whenever you want, but consistence is key. You can blog daily, three times a week, once a week, five days a week, once a month; it’s all up to you. Staying consistent will allow your readers to know what to expect from you and it’ll help you get familiar with meeting deadlines. You’ll also hold yourself accountable and follow through with what you say.

7. You gain an audience and readers

The more you put yourself out there, the more people will find you. If you want to gain readers for an upcoming book, talking about your book on the blog as well as posting some original writing of yours will attract potential readers.

8. You’ll develop thick skin

We all have to deal with feedback, positive and negative. Unfortunately, not everyone on the internet is “nice.” Some people will agree or disagree with you. Some will give you lots of praise. Others will give constructive criticism and others still will be blunt and try to shoot you down.

It’ll hurt at first, but you’ll learn to deal with it. You can’t please everyone and everyone has their own opinions, likes, and dislikes.

9. You can be creative and try new things

Once you start a blog, you’ll feel as though you can do anything. Once you’ve been blogging for long enough, you’ll want to try your hand at other creative things. You’ll try to come up with bigger and better ways to improve your blogs and all your creative projects. And you’ll have a lot of fun doing so.

10. Learn from your past

Once you’ve been blogging for long enough, you’ll see an improvement in yourself. You’ll grow as a writer and as a person. You’ll grow alongside the friends that you’ve made. You’ll look back at your very first blog post and feel embarrassed, but that’s a good thing. That means you’ve improved, you’ve learned. It also means you never gave up.

Overall, blogging is a great way to get your feet off the ground. You may decide to blog as a hobby or to get your feet wet on the business side of things, but you’ll gain new skills, learn new things, and find supportive friends.


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Double Jump:





The following is a personification poem I wrote personifying “Love”.

Leave feedback and feel free to share! 🙂



Love walked along a bridge,

Watching a group of lonely kids.

These kids looked full of gloom.

Until Love came and changed their mood.

They noticed how She was,

And they thought to themselves right then,

“We must learn what was taught!”

They followed Love throughout the day,

Watching the kind deeds throughout,

Given to those who needed to know.

There was a change in hearts,

To those Love reached out and she touched,

The people became kind.

They realized what Love had become,

And that was a great thing,

That she was fit for a great king.

But what none of them realized,

Was the greatest gift of all time,

That Love already came from the greatest of kings.

Gulliver’s Space Travels

The following is a fun short story that me and a classmate wrote a couple years ago, and to this day it is one of my favorite pieces I have ever written. The purpose of the story was to demonstrate a social issue, and the social issue in the story is “a world easily offended”. It is set in the future, and we had a lot of fun with it.


Gulliver’s Space Travels

It was a blistery, cold day. A gust of cold wind blew through Anna Lucia’s hair. She was headed towards the house up ahead to meet up with her four friends. They had to make their evacuation plan. “We have to get out of here,” Anna Lucia thought, as she ran towards the door. It was getting colder by the minute. She burst through the door. “Anna! Finally! Get over here, we have so much work to do,” Tom Sawyer said, motioning for Anna to sit down. Jack Black sunk back into the couch holding a soda. “We have everything else planned, except for how we are going to develop a new civilization once we get there,” Jack said, looking puzzled. Charlie Brown interrupted, “Gulliver will be here shortly to inform us of our method of developing the new civilization.” In that moment, Gulliver rushed through the door in great excitement. He exclaimed, “I figured it out! All we need to do is plant these seeds into a specific pattern, an icosahedron!” They all gave him the strangest look, but then gave in. “Well, that sounds crazy, but we are going to trust you. We can’t figure anything else out anyway,” Jack exclaimed, and everyone else agreed.

It was a cold November in America in the year 2084. Times had changed, and sometimes, you didn’t even know what to make of what happened anymore, especially the attitudes of people. People lost all of their ability to be considerate, and the worst thing was this- every human being got easily offended towards everything. There were so many arguments and riots and chaos that ensued because of this, that the human population did not look the same. And this problem was only getting worse. This is why Anna and her four friends needed to leave. It had been two years since they started planning their escape, and during that time, the amount of secrecy and security these four friends needed grew every day. The life they all knew now was about to change, and hopefully, they could only hope, for the better.

“We’ve got exactly twenty-four hours to launch and get out of here,” Tom said, approaching Cpt. Gulliver. “Yes, I know, I have the plans right here.” Gulliver said, as he laid out some papers onto the table. It was just after 7:00PM. This was the four’s meeting time every evening in Jack Black’s house. They had all their supplies and equipment in the house and this is where they would come tomorrow at the same time to leave and never come back. “Alright everyone, you can go home now. Remember to gather what you need. Don’t forget, it will be the last time you will ever go back home. Say your goodbyes, do whatever you need, but don’t forget to be back here at exactly 7:00PM. Not a momentary second later.” “Yes sir!” Everyone said in unison. Everyone slowly left out the door, leaving Jack in his own house once again.

Anna walked out the door as she thought, “What’s going to happen if we are not back here at exactly 7:00PM?”

The sun was rising over the horizon. The ground had frost on it and a little bunny was hopping across the grass. Anna looked out her bedroom window. It seemed like any ordinary day, except for the fact that she just woke up from the last time she would probably ever sleep on her own bed. Anna got up and looked around her room. Her bags were packed and pushed into a corner, and the rest of her room was packed in boxes to be left there. “Is this really happening?” Anna thought. The townspeople had no idea what was going on. The five friends would leave without a word and no one will notice, with everyone being so consumed in themselves and arguments. Anna heard yelling coming from outside. She went over to the window. There was a normal scene of what happens every day, a group of people arguing and yelling, probably over the pettish of things. “I can’t wait to leave.” Anna thought to herself, and she went out to the kitchen.

Jack had just gotten out of bed and moved his stuff to a pile at the front door. There was something he hadn’t told any of the rest of his friends. He had to prepare the house. Why, you would ask, because the house WAS the space shuttle. This is why they would have their meetings there, and keep all their belongings there. Jack opened a hatch in the floor. He climbed down a ladder and shut the door. He had to make sure everything went smoothly.

It was around noon. Tom, Gulliver, and Charlie decided they would go out to their favorite restaurant today, for one last time. As they walked into the restaurant, they noticed everyone around them looking suspiciously towards them. They chose to ignore them, and walked over to a table in the corner and sat down. As they were being seated by the hostess, they had been talking about their plan to leave and they feared that they were being listened to. Suddenly, the whole restaurant went quiet, and someone screamed, “WHAT IS THIS?!” this person was holding up a singular piece of bacon that wasn’t cooked to their liking. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO GIVE ME THIS NONSENSE, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” The person was of no importance, but they thought they were better than everyone on the planet. The waitress seemed to become very shy, and she was being very polite to the man, but he was still screaming at her. “BRING ME YOUR MANAGER NOW!” He was obviously very offended that the poor waitress didn’t know how he liked his bacon cooked. Tom, Gulliver, and Charlie had had enough at this point. They paid the bill, and left the waitress a huge tip to try to make her day better, and then they left the restaurant.

Throughout the rest of the day, the crew was busy finalizing what else needed to be done. It was approaching 6:30 pm, and everyone was supposed to be arriving at the house soon, but Jack was nowhere to be found. Gulliver was the first to arrive, along with Tom. They searched the house for Jack, but couldn’t find him. All they found was a letter. It read,

Dear Friends,

By the time you find this, I will be long gone. You don’t have to search for me anymore because you won’t find me, and you need to complete the mission on time. There have been many people becoming suspicious of our activity at my house, and I never told you because I didn’t want any doubt during our mission. In order to lead the people away, I will not be accompanying you on the mission. I will set up a communication system once you guys leave so that I can assist you from Earth. It will be better this way anyway, because then if you have a problem with anything, I will be here to find you an answer. I am making this sacrifice because I know that you four are capable of accomplishing the mission without me, and I’m claustrophobic. There is no actual shuttle; the house is designed to teleport instantly to Mars, not only to cut out travel time, but also to provide shelter once you’re there. I have constructed myself a shelter in a remote area, where I will be able to devote all my time to ensure you guys are safe and well informed. I have also included in the house a 3-D printer so that I can send you models that can be easily created using the device. Stay safe, and I will contact you shortly.

Your friend,
Jack Black

As Gulliver and Tom finished reading the letter, Anna and Charlie arrived together. “What’s going on?” asked Anna, as her and Charlie came through the door and dropped their stuff on the couch. Tom and Gulliver turned around holding the letter, having stern looks on their faces. “You must read this” said Gulliver, as Tom handed them the letter. After they read the letter, they all discussed what it said and agreed that Jack was doing the right thing and that they would be able to do what he wanted. “So this is why we had to be here by 7PM and no later” said Anna, finally knowing what was going on. “If we came later than 7PM, the house would just disappear and we would be left behind.” All of a sudden they felt a slight quake. They turned and looked out the window, and all they saw was burning red desert. Everyone was in awe, and right away, they got to work setting up what they needed. As they were unpacking, Gulliver started freaking out. “Umm, guys, who packed the special beans we were supposed to plant?” Gulliver said, looking very concerned. “OH NO!” Tom exclaimed, searching frantically through one of his bags. “I am so sorry guys! I can’t believe this. I forgot them. We are dead, so dead.” Everyone forgave Tom, but all of them were wondering what would happen now.

A few hours later, after they determined what they needed to do and unpacked, the three guys heard a screaming coming from the back of the house. “Guys! Guys! It’s okay! I found them!” Anna came out holding the bag of beans. “Oh my word, thank you!” Tom exclaimed. “Well that was a close call, we could have died.” Gulliver said, very relieved.


A few days had passed since they landed on Mars. They had planted the beans in the exact shape they were told. Nothing was happening. They had done all they could, and the four friends were just sitting around, basically, doing nothing. They were all thinking to themselves about how much of a waste of time this mission seemed to be. Days grew into weeks, and they started to get sick of living with each other. They started going against the whole point of why they left earth. Everything was aggravating them so much, that they started getting offended by anything that was happening. One day, they decided to get in contact with Jack back on earth. “Jack, we have a problem. I believe that we cannot finish this mission. We have all deteriorated the whole reason why we came. We are offended at each other. I’m sorry we have failed you. The beans have not grown and we don’t know what else to do. I think we have to come back.” Jack responded to their message. “I’m sorry to inform you, no offense, but there is no coming back.”


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“God Made Dirt, Dirt Don’t Hurt”

“God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt.”


Interesting phrase, right? My mom said this a few years ago, and it honestly can have a much deeper meaning than dealing with literal dirt. As I put this quote into context, I have realized how much it relates to life itself.

Sure, there is the literally meaning of “dirt don’t hurt”, because God made dirt, and getting a little messy, muddy, or dirty is not going be the end of the world. Kids and adults are always getting dirty throughout the day, and dirt just washes away. No big deal, right? Embrace nature. Play in the mud puddles. Work in the barn. Jump in the lake.

However, in my opinion, there is a much deeper meaning that can be applied to “God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt”.

Life brings struggles. Life brings hard times, stress, and chaos. You can call these things “dirt”. Sometimes, there can be so much “dirt” in your life, you just feel like you are going to fall apart, or you just want to give up. I believe God brings these hard times into our lives for a reason. How are we ever suppose to grow or learn without “dirt” in our lives? God gives us “dirt”, and dirt doesn’t hurt. It can be used to help us grow. When there is “dirt” in our lives, we need to face it straight on and know that we will come through it stronger than we were before, with God’s help.

I know this for a fact, based on my own “dirt” experiences I have had in my life. Even though there have been many hard times in my own life, I know that God will always help me through, if I ask, and I will become stronger than I was before. I have faith that God knows what He is doing and knows what I need in my life. I accept challenges and look to God for help. My faith has become stronger from “dirt” in my life.

So, embrace change. Embrace the chaos. Embrace the dirt. Embrace the mess. God made dirt, and dirt, don’t hurt.

The Hardest Day of My Life

“God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.”

Have you ever had one of those draining, long, intense days that you never expected to happen and you remember every detail? That is what happened to me, in the fall of 2010. I was only fourteen years old, and my dad owned a motorcycle. My dad and I were part of the CMA, which stands for Christian Motorcycle Association. One day, we went to an event with our group, and little did we know that soon it would turn into an all-day event. Through this hard time of my life, I drew closer to God and I learned to not take life for granted.

Just a few weeks prior to this event, my grandfather died from lung cancer. However, my little brother, Noah, was born just a couple days after his death. My whole family was still recovering and we were all emotionally unstable still, at that point. We decided to go on a trip with our CMA group to a cool tourist area and just spend the day there. My dad and I had to wake up at three in the morning to meet our group at a church parking lot. We all waited until everyone got there, and then we headed out on our two-hour journey. Since I was sitting on the back of a motorcycle with a small seat, while it was cold and raining for a non-stop two hours, it made me feel very sore. However, of course, it was worth it.

In the morning and afternoon, the day went great. First, we went out to eat breakfast. Afterward, we arrived at our destination and our group then joined an even larger group of motorcyclists, and all together, we went to a steakhouse for lunch. While we were there, we ate food, listened to music, fellowshipped, and just relaxed and had a good time. I remember being one of the only kids there, being a little, tiny, shy girl. I remember talking to all the “scary, buff, tall, covered in leather” men and their wives. After lunch, our smaller group separated from the larger group, and we went on our way. We decided that we couldn’t go home without ice cream first, so we drove to an ice cream shop and we all went in and ordered. We all chatted and enjoyed our ice cream for a few minutes. We then jumped back on the motorcycles and started to head home.

This is where my story takes a turn for the worst. Just about fifteen minutes into driving home, our group arrived at a sharply curved road. Now, motorcycles drive in a lane staggered back and forth, and my dad and I were near the back of the line. The man who was in the front of the line decided to speed around the curve. He was going so fast, that he was in the opposite lane while going around the bend, and did not see an oncoming jeep. The woman who was driving the jeep tried to swerve and pull over, but this road did not have much shoulder. The motorcycle brushed the front headlight of the jeep, but because he was going so fast, it was enough force to spin him completely around several times and flip him upside down. His helmet was thrown off of him, the motorcycle was in a million pieces, and he was face down on the road. He was killed instantly. His entire spinal cord snapped on impact.

Now, when my dad and I came around the bend, since we were near the end of the line, all we saw was pieces scattered across the road, with him lying here. I instantly just heard my dad panic, and we had to come to a sudden stop, as we pulled over to the shoulder, along with the rest of the group. From there, everything was a giant blur. We called 911, and three police, a fire truck and two ambulances showed up. They had to close the road. While those things were happening, some of us were trying to comfort the woman who was driving the jeep. She felt it was her fault that this had happened, but we reassured her we did not think it was her fault, and we got to witness to her and help her in the process.

Being a 13-year-old girl, who had just gone through losing her grandpa, I was an emotional wreck the whole time. Watching everything happen reminded me of my grandpa, and all I could do was sit there and cry. At this point of time, I was also very tired and cold. Once the police and emergency teams cleaned up the wreckage, we finally were able to leave. However, that was still not the end of it.

After taking a half an hour breather, we all had to meet up again in a little town nearby. From there, our motorcycle group got a police escort to his house, having to tell the horrible news to his wife and family. The man who passed away was such a nice gentleman. He was not even that old, probably in his 50’s. He had a wife and a few kids, and was a born again Christian and attended church. When we arrived at his house, we all parked in his driveway and stayed there, while the police and his closest friends went to the door. As we stood there in sorrow watching, I had to witness and hear the one thing no human ever wants to hear. That horror of a scream and crying people make when they lose someone they love. I had to witness that, and I lost it again myself. It was the longest fifteen minutes I’ve ever experienced.

Once there was nothing else my dad and I could help with, we finally got to start heading home. At this point, it was probably around eight at night, and we still had to drive two hours home. I was so scared and cold and tired at that point, my dad drove very slowly all the way home, and we finally made it back after a super long day. After we walked in the door and explained everything to my mom, I made some hot chocolate, and just sat on the couch for a while in shock, and finally fell asleep. The next few days, we saw news articles and newspaper articles about the accident, and the obituary. My dad got calls, and I believe that he went to the funeral a few days later, and that is what concluded the longest day of my life.

After all these events had taken place, it really made me think about how fast life really is, and how important it is to keep your relationship with Jesus Christ strong. I’ve been saved since I was six, but these events in that year of my life were what really challenged me, and made me want to get baptized the next year. They were horrible events to happen and to have to be a part of then, but now I look back at them and I am grateful for them because they really taught me and helped me grow. This is one of my life changing stories that I still tell over and over again because it has impacted me in so many ways. Do not ever take life for granted.

I’ve Been Featured!


Hello everyone! As you know, I recently posted a guest blog by Rachel Poli. Today, the guest post I wrote for her blog went live! I wrote a short story called “The Mysterious Consequence”. Check out her blog to read it and feel free to give me feedback! 

Here is the link:

Thanks again Rachel! 

Rachel’s Blog 

Top 10 Things That Happen When Your the Oldest of 5

Below is my top 10 list of things that happen when your the oldest of 5 children, based on personal experience. (yes, I am the oldest of 5) There never is a boring day.

(These are in no specific order)


  1. When your mom brings snacks home, it is a race to get to them first, or else they will be gone in literally an hour.


2. You have to watch what you do because all your siblings are looking up to you.


3. Sometimes, you get blamed for everything.


4. You don’t need a friend to have inside jokes, you have four other siblings.

giphy (1)

5. Being the oldest, you get so proud when a sibling accomplishes something like you accomplished.


6. You get really emotional when you realize how old your siblings are getting.

giphy (2)

7. You live for annoying your siblings.


8. You do not give any emotional support when your siblings finally have to learn a chore you had to do for forever.


9. Your relationships with your siblings can sometimes be love/hate.

giphy (3)

10. Sometimes, you just have no clue what’s going on anymore.

November 4, 2017


[November 4, 2017]

Today was a day full of board games, outdoors, and food. We had family visiting, and we had an enjoyable time sitting, talking, eating, and just visiting.

Facts About Today:

We ate too much food.

The weather was actually okay today. It finally did not rain.

Our dog got loose and ran through a literal sea of geese.

I really wish you could turn Monopoly money into real money.

Who knew silly putty could be so fun.

My Winter Love 

The following is a poem that I had written a couple of years ago and I still love it today. I personally think it is one of the best poems I have written and I hope you enjoy it!

My Winter Love

I had a dream about a time ago,

A time when we had no cares in the world. 

When we would walk through the falling, white snow,

And the snowflakes would look like they were being swirled.

We would dance all night long in all the cold,

Bundled up in our jackets and our gloves,

With all the mountains of snow uncontrolled.

But we did not care, for we were in love.

Even through the trials that winter brought,

Nothing could keep us apart very long.

Even though the people fought, we sought,

To keep our beautiful love going strong,

And then one day, to my amazed surprise,

That dream became my final winter prize.

November 3, 2017


[November 3, 2017]

Once again, it was a pretty normal day. I got up, wen to work, and was really glad it was Friday. I can not believe it is already November, however, I already want Christmas to be here. I am debating about putting Christmas decorations up (yeah, crazy).

Facts about today:

Weather: Still rainy and cold. I am glad though, I kinda want snow (yeah, more crazy).

I’ve realized that you could have a store worth of candy in the house, but with seven people, it can definitely be gone in a week.

I love my cats so much. When I come home from work, Peanut comes running to the door every time.



November 1, 2017

I have decided to start short daily posts, mainly a quick overview of the day and just so I can remember any interesting things that happened that specific day. I also think it is a fun way to just connect with others. Comment below any exciting things you do each day!


[November 1, 2017]

Today was a pretty normal day. I got up before the sun came out, grudgingly got ready for work, worked a nine hour work day, and came home. Nothing too interesting right?

Facts about Today:

The weather was not too great. Freezing. Rained, all day. Had to actual turn up the heat driving into work.

I’ve officially started listening to Christmas music. It’s November. Yeah, I’m crazy.

It’s officially the time of year where the only dessert you eat is Halloween candy for the next week and a half.




How to Get Up for Work in the Morning (for non-morning people)

For me, getting up early in the morning for work is honestly the worst part of the day. It’s freezing, the sun isn’t out, and all you can manage to do is sigh as you struggle to get out of bed; especially when you are a night owl at heart. I could stay up all night long and be perfectly fine, but when I have to force myself out of bed at 5:30 AM, it’s a different story.

As some people say, “the struggle is real”, when I have to physically and mentally use every effort in my body to literally pull myself out of bed. When your’e not a morning person, especially for me, this is a look into how my morning goes:

(P.S. This is meant to be funny, but true)

  1. Make sure you take a shower the night before, because there is no way on earth you will wake up to take one in the morning.
  2. Snooze through 5 different alarms.
  3. Finally open your eyes and then lay in bed for another 10 minutes.
  4. Groan and moan as you (quite literally) roll out of bed.
  5. Take the next 20 minutes just getting dressed and listening to music and then realizing you have like 10 minutes to do everything else.
  6. Search the kitchen pantry for something good to take for lunch, and then not decide on anything and chuck random snacks in your lunchbox.
  7. In 2 minutes, rush and do your face and brush your teeth like your in a Nascar race.
  8. Grab your stuff while running out the door because you’ll be late, even though your alarms go off an hour or more before you have to leave.
  9. Accept the fact that every morning you will be rushing around because you hate mornings.
  10. Repeat over and over every morning and not teach yourself to change it.