How to Get Up for Work in the Morning (for non-morning people)

For me, getting up early in the morning for work is honestly the worst part of the day. It’s freezing, the sun isn’t out, and all you can manage to do is sigh as you struggle to get out of bed; especially when you are a night owl at heart. I could stay up all night long and be perfectly fine, but when I have to force myself out of bed at 5:30 AM, it’s a different story.

As some people say, “the struggle is real”, when I have to physically and mentally use every effort in my body to literally pull myself out of bed. When your’e not a morning person, especially for me, this is a look into how my morning goes:

(P.S. This is meant to be funny, but true)

  1. Make sure you take a shower the night before, because there is no way on earth you will wake up to take one in the morning.
  2. Snooze through 5 different alarms.
  3. Finally open your eyes and then lay in bed for another 10 minutes.
  4. Groan and moan as you (quite literally) roll out of bed.
  5. Take the next 20 minutes just getting dressed and listening to music and then realizing you have like 10 minutes to do everything else.
  6. Search the kitchen pantry for something good to take for lunch, and then not decide on anything and chuck random snacks in your lunchbox.
  7. In 2 minutes, rush and do your face and brush your teeth like your in a Nascar race.
  8. Grab your stuff while running out the door because you’ll be late, even though your alarms go off an hour or more before you have to leave.
  9. Accept the fact that every morning you will be rushing around because you hate mornings.
  10. Repeat over and over every morning and not teach yourself to change it.


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