“God Made Dirt, Dirt Don’t Hurt”

“God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt.”


Interesting phrase, right? My mom said this a few years ago, and it honestly can have a much deeper meaning than dealing with literal dirt. As I put this quote into context, I have realized how much it relates to life itself.

Sure, there is the literally meaning of “dirt don’t hurt”, because God made dirt, and getting a little messy, muddy, or dirty is not going be the end of the world. Kids and adults are always getting dirty throughout the day, and dirt just washes away. No big deal, right? Embrace nature. Play in the mud puddles. Work in the barn. Jump in the lake.

However, in my opinion, there is a much deeper meaning that can be applied to “God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt”.

Life brings struggles. Life brings hard times, stress, and chaos. You can call these things “dirt”. Sometimes, there can be so much “dirt” in your life, you just feel like you are going to fall apart, or you just want to give up. I believe God brings these hard times into our lives for a reason. How are we ever suppose to grow or learn without “dirt” in our lives? God gives us “dirt”, and dirt doesn’t hurt. It can be used to help us grow. When there is “dirt” in our lives, we need to face it straight on and know that we will come through it stronger than we were before, with God’s help.

I know this for a fact, based on my own “dirt” experiences I have had in my life. Even though there have been many hard times in my own life, I know that God will always help me through, if I ask, and I will become stronger than I was before. I have faith that God knows what He is doing and knows what I need in my life. I accept challenges and look to God for help. My faith has become stronger from “dirt” in my life.

So, embrace change. Embrace the chaos. Embrace the dirt. Embrace the mess. God made dirt, and dirt, don’t hurt.

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