Gulliver’s Space Travels

The following is a fun short story that me and a classmate wrote a couple years ago, and to this day it is one of my favorite pieces I have ever written. The purpose of the story was to demonstrate a social issue, and the social issue in the story is “a world easily offended”. It is set in the future, and we had a lot of fun with it.


Gulliver’s Space Travels

It was a blistery, cold day. A gust of cold wind blew through Anna Lucia’s hair. She was headed towards the house up ahead to meet up with her four friends. They had to make their evacuation plan. “We have to get out of here,” Anna Lucia thought, as she ran towards the door. It was getting colder by the minute. She burst through the door. “Anna! Finally! Get over here, we have so much work to do,” Tom Sawyer said, motioning for Anna to sit down. Jack Black sunk back into the couch holding a soda. “We have everything else planned, except for how we are going to develop a new civilization once we get there,” Jack said, looking puzzled. Charlie Brown interrupted, “Gulliver will be here shortly to inform us of our method of developing the new civilization.” In that moment, Gulliver rushed through the door in great excitement. He exclaimed, “I figured it out! All we need to do is plant these seeds into a specific pattern, an icosahedron!” They all gave him the strangest look, but then gave in. “Well, that sounds crazy, but we are going to trust you. We can’t figure anything else out anyway,” Jack exclaimed, and everyone else agreed.

It was a cold November in America in the year 2084. Times had changed, and sometimes, you didn’t even know what to make of what happened anymore, especially the attitudes of people. People lost all of their ability to be considerate, and the worst thing was this- every human being got easily offended towards everything. There were so many arguments and riots and chaos that ensued because of this, that the human population did not look the same. And this problem was only getting worse. This is why Anna and her four friends needed to leave. It had been two years since they started planning their escape, and during that time, the amount of secrecy and security these four friends needed grew every day. The life they all knew now was about to change, and hopefully, they could only hope, for the better.

“We’ve got exactly twenty-four hours to launch and get out of here,” Tom said, approaching Cpt. Gulliver. “Yes, I know, I have the plans right here.” Gulliver said, as he laid out some papers onto the table. It was just after 7:00PM. This was the four’s meeting time every evening in Jack Black’s house. They had all their supplies and equipment in the house and this is where they would come tomorrow at the same time to leave and never come back. “Alright everyone, you can go home now. Remember to gather what you need. Don’t forget, it will be the last time you will ever go back home. Say your goodbyes, do whatever you need, but don’t forget to be back here at exactly 7:00PM. Not a momentary second later.” “Yes sir!” Everyone said in unison. Everyone slowly left out the door, leaving Jack in his own house once again.

Anna walked out the door as she thought, “What’s going to happen if we are not back here at exactly 7:00PM?”

The sun was rising over the horizon. The ground had frost on it and a little bunny was hopping across the grass. Anna looked out her bedroom window. It seemed like any ordinary day, except for the fact that she just woke up from the last time she would probably ever sleep on her own bed. Anna got up and looked around her room. Her bags were packed and pushed into a corner, and the rest of her room was packed in boxes to be left there. “Is this really happening?” Anna thought. The townspeople had no idea what was going on. The five friends would leave without a word and no one will notice, with everyone being so consumed in themselves and arguments. Anna heard yelling coming from outside. She went over to the window. There was a normal scene of what happens every day, a group of people arguing and yelling, probably over the pettish of things. “I can’t wait to leave.” Anna thought to herself, and she went out to the kitchen.

Jack had just gotten out of bed and moved his stuff to a pile at the front door. There was something he hadn’t told any of the rest of his friends. He had to prepare the house. Why, you would ask, because the house WAS the space shuttle. This is why they would have their meetings there, and keep all their belongings there. Jack opened a hatch in the floor. He climbed down a ladder and shut the door. He had to make sure everything went smoothly.

It was around noon. Tom, Gulliver, and Charlie decided they would go out to their favorite restaurant today, for one last time. As they walked into the restaurant, they noticed everyone around them looking suspiciously towards them. They chose to ignore them, and walked over to a table in the corner and sat down. As they were being seated by the hostess, they had been talking about their plan to leave and they feared that they were being listened to. Suddenly, the whole restaurant went quiet, and someone screamed, “WHAT IS THIS?!” this person was holding up a singular piece of bacon that wasn’t cooked to their liking. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO GIVE ME THIS NONSENSE, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” The person was of no importance, but they thought they were better than everyone on the planet. The waitress seemed to become very shy, and she was being very polite to the man, but he was still screaming at her. “BRING ME YOUR MANAGER NOW!” He was obviously very offended that the poor waitress didn’t know how he liked his bacon cooked. Tom, Gulliver, and Charlie had had enough at this point. They paid the bill, and left the waitress a huge tip to try to make her day better, and then they left the restaurant.

Throughout the rest of the day, the crew was busy finalizing what else needed to be done. It was approaching 6:30 pm, and everyone was supposed to be arriving at the house soon, but Jack was nowhere to be found. Gulliver was the first to arrive, along with Tom. They searched the house for Jack, but couldn’t find him. All they found was a letter. It read,

Dear Friends,

By the time you find this, I will be long gone. You don’t have to search for me anymore because you won’t find me, and you need to complete the mission on time. There have been many people becoming suspicious of our activity at my house, and I never told you because I didn’t want any doubt during our mission. In order to lead the people away, I will not be accompanying you on the mission. I will set up a communication system once you guys leave so that I can assist you from Earth. It will be better this way anyway, because then if you have a problem with anything, I will be here to find you an answer. I am making this sacrifice because I know that you four are capable of accomplishing the mission without me, and I’m claustrophobic. There is no actual shuttle; the house is designed to teleport instantly to Mars, not only to cut out travel time, but also to provide shelter once you’re there. I have constructed myself a shelter in a remote area, where I will be able to devote all my time to ensure you guys are safe and well informed. I have also included in the house a 3-D printer so that I can send you models that can be easily created using the device. Stay safe, and I will contact you shortly.

Your friend,
Jack Black

As Gulliver and Tom finished reading the letter, Anna and Charlie arrived together. “What’s going on?” asked Anna, as her and Charlie came through the door and dropped their stuff on the couch. Tom and Gulliver turned around holding the letter, having stern looks on their faces. “You must read this” said Gulliver, as Tom handed them the letter. After they read the letter, they all discussed what it said and agreed that Jack was doing the right thing and that they would be able to do what he wanted. “So this is why we had to be here by 7PM and no later” said Anna, finally knowing what was going on. “If we came later than 7PM, the house would just disappear and we would be left behind.” All of a sudden they felt a slight quake. They turned and looked out the window, and all they saw was burning red desert. Everyone was in awe, and right away, they got to work setting up what they needed. As they were unpacking, Gulliver started freaking out. “Umm, guys, who packed the special beans we were supposed to plant?” Gulliver said, looking very concerned. “OH NO!” Tom exclaimed, searching frantically through one of his bags. “I am so sorry guys! I can’t believe this. I forgot them. We are dead, so dead.” Everyone forgave Tom, but all of them were wondering what would happen now.

A few hours later, after they determined what they needed to do and unpacked, the three guys heard a screaming coming from the back of the house. “Guys! Guys! It’s okay! I found them!” Anna came out holding the bag of beans. “Oh my word, thank you!” Tom exclaimed. “Well that was a close call, we could have died.” Gulliver said, very relieved.


A few days had passed since they landed on Mars. They had planted the beans in the exact shape they were told. Nothing was happening. They had done all they could, and the four friends were just sitting around, basically, doing nothing. They were all thinking to themselves about how much of a waste of time this mission seemed to be. Days grew into weeks, and they started to get sick of living with each other. They started going against the whole point of why they left earth. Everything was aggravating them so much, that they started getting offended by anything that was happening. One day, they decided to get in contact with Jack back on earth. “Jack, we have a problem. I believe that we cannot finish this mission. We have all deteriorated the whole reason why we came. We are offended at each other. I’m sorry we have failed you. The beans have not grown and we don’t know what else to do. I think we have to come back.” Jack responded to their message. “I’m sorry to inform you, no offense, but there is no coming back.”


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