Top 10 Things That Happen When Your the Oldest of 5

Below is my top 10 list of things that happen when your the oldest of 5 children, based on personal experience. (yes, I am the oldest of 5) There never is a boring day.

(These are in no specific order)


  1. When your mom brings snacks home, it is a race to get to them first, or else they will be gone in literally an hour.


2. You have to watch what you do because all your siblings are looking up to you.


3. Sometimes, you get blamed for everything.


4. You don’t need a friend to have inside jokes, you have four other siblings.

giphy (1)

5. Being the oldest, you get so proud when a sibling accomplishes something like you accomplished.


6. You get really emotional when you realize how old your siblings are getting.

giphy (2)

7. You live for annoying your siblings.


8. You do not give any emotional support when your siblings finally have to learn a chore you had to do for forever.


9. Your relationships with your siblings can sometimes be love/hate.

giphy (3)

10. Sometimes, you just have no clue what’s going on anymore.

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