About Hanna


I have always been aware of what it is like to feel real, raw, true hardship throughout my life. From a young age, I have been through a lot of different scenarios that many people do not experience in a lifetime. However, I am so thankful for it, because I would not be who I am today. Not even close. All credit goes to my relationship with Jesus Christ and my strong faith that brought me through what I thought I would never get out of.

I come from a large, country lifestyle-loving, Christian family. I have four siblings and  happen to be the oldest. Do not forget about animal loving family too! I have always been around all kinds of animals, since the moment I was born. Right now we share our home with our black lab Moose, our three cats Peanut, Muschie, and Mittens, and some cool fish.

I am a young woman who wants to share my experiences and insight of this world with others, along with my creativity that comes out in writing stories, blog posts, and photography.

It has always been a crazy adventure, and now I want to share what it’s like being in that crazy family you see walking down the store isle with a full cart, or maybe two, and a long line of children walking behind their mother taking up the whole isle, while someone might say, “Are they really all yours?” to your mother.







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