Category: Daily Posts

November 4, 2017

[November 4, 2017] Today was a day full of board games, outdoors, and food. We had family visiting, and we had an enjoyable time sitting, talking, eating, and just visiting. Facts About Today: We ate too much food. The weather was actually okay today….

November 3, 2017

[November 3, 2017] Once again, it was a pretty normal day. I got up, wen to work, and was really glad it was Friday. I can not believe it is already November, however, I already want Christmas to be here. I am debating about…

November 1, 2017

I have decided to start short daily posts, mainly a quick overview of the day and just so I can remember any interesting things that happened that specific day. I also think it is a fun way to just connect with others. Comment below…